Review of The L’amourose Prism V

So I’ve had this L’amourose Prism V for over 3 months now.  I got a great deal on it from SheVibe, and after hearing that it had similar deep and resonant rumbling vibrations to the Jopen Vanity Vr6, I had to try it.  After all, there were days where I would use the Vr6’s G-spot stimulating end externally when I wanted broad clitoral stimulation.  For me, clitoral orgasms are a lot like Choco Liebniz cookies.  The first one is good, the second one is usually even better, and after that I just keep at it until I’ve fulfilled some ritualistic process.

What shocked me was how much I love the patterns the Prism V offers.  I have never been a “pattern person” (imagine my disappointment after buying the tech-heavy Minna Ola only to discover I just wanted to constantly squeeze it), but the buildup in the Prism’s first pattern and the randomness that teases me in its final pattern have brought me to some really unexpected orgasms.  And the best kind of clitoral orgasm for me is brought on by a vibration I can feel throughout the entire nether.  Wands tend to have too much strength and the heads are a little too broad, plus the concept that they vibrate so hard I can feel the wavelengths in my femoral artery kind of freaks me out.  Rounded, more nestled vibrations in a head about two to three fingers wide give just the right amount of pressure and distribution.  Which is something the Prism delivers with mystifying elegance.

Prism V Vibrator
The Sunset Red during my vacation sunset.

The bulbed curve of the G-spot head is not a perfectly smooth bulb…it has edges, not sharp ones though.  The underside of the bulb has just enough of a lip to remind my G-Spot that, along with the acute bend and virtually no give (this is not a squishy toy by any means), the Prism V is going to give me the rigorous stimulation I need for optimal penetrative orgasms.  And squirting.  Oh my god this is the ideal toy for squirting.  Whereas with the Vr6, I needed to pull it out right before I squirted because the insertable end blocked any release, the narrow stem of the Prism V allows me to rock the toy back and forth with an easily maneuverable handle (though some folks have said that the usability of the Rosa’s handle is better) and projectile squirt with the Prism still inside me.

So internal, external, the Prism V has been an incredible product.  It has also been great to use with my partners.  I love using it on my clit while another partner is penetrating me…the curve of the head and its angular proportions connecting to the handle keep it from being cumbersome during that process.  It just kind of curves nicely between bodies without getting in the way.  Both of my cunted-companions who swear by their Hitachis fell in love with my Prism V when I brought it over.  My one partner even said it was one of the best orgasms they have ever had.  ::Proceeds to brush my shoulders off::  In all seriousness, the L’amourose Prism V has been the total package for me.  It has taken everything I have liked in my previous toys and finally fit all the best qualities into one.

The aesthetics of this toy have been reviewed over and over again, and rightfully so.  It is a sculpted work, with a faceted base, flattened perfectly to let it stand on its own.  It arches into G-spot formation at the bulb, but with a really narrow stem where each underside protrudes in an ever so slightly platysmic nature.  Its a detail that has gives an organic illusion akin to something you’d see in Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, and offers a unique contrast to the gem-like structure of the base.

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

What fascinates me even more are the color choices.  Diverging from typical pinks and purples with names like Sunset Red, Azure Blue, and Sky Blue, the matte finish of the Prism V pops these unusual hues in such a way they bring memories of the Crayola Crayons of my childhood.  The handle does have an “ar” engraved on both sides which can accrue gunk if you are not careful with cleaning.  The buttons are really easy for me to use as they light up upon pushing, the plus and minus symbols are slightly raised in texture as is the mode button in the middle.   I just hold the plus or push it in intervals to increase intensity and vice versa for the minus.   It has a similar locking mechanism as the Vr6, where I hold the plus and minus for three seconds to lock it and the same thing to unlock it.  This was particularly crucial in bringing the Prism V on vacation this week as I didn’t have to worry about it going off in my carry-on bag.

The charging port is at the base, and is a magnetic triple pronged dongle that has some good strength…it doesn’t flop off at the slightest repositioning the way the Minna Ola’s magnetic charger does.  The other end is a USB plug, so if you have  a laptop or a wall unit you’re good to go.  Cleaning is so easy with the matte silicone material.  With warm soapy water, things just come right off the Prism.   I’m ridiculously excited it comes with a warranty, because I have now found my new favorite.  Sorry for all the gushing.  Also the puns.