So what is The Palimpsex?

noun pa·limp·sest \ˈpa-ləm(p)-ˌsest, pə-ˈlim(p)-\

: a very old document on which the original writing has been erased and replaced with new writing
: something that has changed over time and shows evidence of that change

Life is a deliciously complex blend of experiences scaffolded by infinite opportunities to learn and relearn lessons of our existence.  Sexuality adds new lenses by which we view the world and ourselves.  What color is your lens today?  Will it be the same color tomorrow?  How about five minutes from now?

Hello person.  Perhaps we have never met before, or perhaps we have, but I’m of the belief that we have a deep interconnectedness on undiscovered levels and I’d like to play with that possibility.  This blog will serve as a palimpsest of sorts, with content ranging from Sex Toy Reviews to social commentary and the occasional self-reflection in between.

As far as accountability for my words: I’m going to be doing a lot of writing from a positionality of “I,” which puts me in an awkward space of privilege.  I hope we will engage in as many imaginative ways as we can come up with so we can create a dialogue that goes beyond the “self and other” or “writer and reader,” because I know I have a lot to learn from you, too.  How this transpires is entirely up to you!  I am not the techiest person, but I do know of ways to communicate like the general comment thread, Skype, Instagram, email, IRC, and Twitter.  If you have other ideas or social media recommendations please let me know!

This space will serve as an exploration of feelings, from linguistic analysis of the sex toy industry to overall functionality of product.  I will review the physicality and purpose of sex toys all the way up to more implicit contexts behind sex toys.  This is where things get really juicy.  Here I will explore everything from the politics of sex toys in the broadest sense, to the gendering of sex toys (ever wonder why certain toys have certain shapes and colors?), to the language of toys (why do we call them toys versus tools or aids?) to the cost/pricing/financial implication of toys (who is benefitting from making them)?

Many folks, perhaps you as a reader, have begun a journey of self-awareness regarding the importance of what goes in your body when it comes to sex.  With your consent, I’d like to continue this journey together to learn more about sex toys by networking with other experts in the field such as bloggers, sex positive shops, online websites, distributors, sexologists, and other accredited or enthusiastic folks in the realm of sexuality.

This blog will contain content warnings, definitions, and occasional incoherent tangents.  It will be passionate, and most of all sincere.  Sex toys have become a divining rod for my sexual confidence over the years, and being able to express myself sexually has enabled me to express myself in many other ways.

Thank you for reading some of my ideas…I appreciated sharing them with you.  I also encourage you to let me know what sex toys mean to you, how they have related to your journey, or how you think authentic communication would work best in this blog.

Blessed be,

Avery (The Palimpsex)